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Taking turns and Sharing - How can you help?

Taking turns and Sharing - How can you help?

Published by Emma on 6th Jun 2019

Does your little one take turns and share when playing?

This skill can be difficult for toddlers, quite often everything is ‘mine’. This isn’t your little one being selfish it’s the first step to learning to share. Taking turns and sharing is a part of learning how to interact with the world around them (Social and Emotional Development – Read more here), a little one who can take turns has an easier time playing with others and building friendships.

How to help your little one

A way to help your little one’s ability to take turns is to practise with conversations, sharing toys and playing games. Remember your little one’s attention span is short still so keep turns short to keep their attention, using language such as, ‘mummy’s turn’ and ‘Arlo’s turn’, is a key way to reinforce turn taking and helping your little one to understand.

Playing Board Games

These board games below are ideal ways you can help your little one with turn taking and sharing. Designed by educationalists with small children in mind they focus on ways little ones can explore and play while learning key skills. They have easy to follow rules and additional hints and tips for the grown-ups. The games have a degree of difficulty meaning they can grow with your little one. We can't recommend them enough.

My First Orchard - Ages 2 years+

This colour matching game is a great introduction to board games for a toddler, learning turn-taking, losing/winning and colour recognition.


In this co-operative game you must collect the fruit from the orchard and place them in the basket before the crow can eat them! Each player takes it in turns to roll the dice, either picking a piece of fruit matching the colour on the dice and placing it in the basket or moving the crow one step closer to the orchard. Can you collect all the fruit before the crow eats them all?

Wooden Bingo Game - Ages 2 years+

This game helps with memory, concentration, image recognition, turn taking and analysing skills (which picture is needed next).


Where is the pig hiding? Have you seen the tractor? Your little ones will have plenty of fun finding the wooden tiles to place on their bingo cards. The first to fill their bingo card wins!

My Very First Games - Tidy Up! - Ages 2 years+


A great introduction to post box game style for a toddler, this game practices fine motor skills in a post-box style game. Post the items into the correct shelf, which shelf are the soft toys? Can you put the doll on that shelf? If played with 2 or more also practice turn-taking. 

See Arlo's Weekly Pick about the Tidy Up Game  here.

My Very First Games - Teddy's Colours and Shapes - Ages 2 years+

A great introduction to board games for a toddler, learning turn-taking, losing/winning and colour and shape recognition.



This game can be played in three game versions, one competitive and two co-operative. It includes 4 double sided game boards illustrating Teddy's world. Your toddler will have to match the shapes and colours when playing as well as using motor skills to place the pieces in the correct places on the board.

See our whole selection of Games here.

Summary of how Board Games help your little one:

All areas of development including these skills:

  • Turn taking
  • Sharing
  • Loosing and winning (emotions)
  • Problem Solving
  • Control
  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Flexibility of thought

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