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Peekaboo baby! Here I am! Developmental benefits of playing peekaboo

Peekaboo baby! Here I am! Developmental benefits of playing peekaboo

Published by Emma on 4th Apr 2019

Peekaboo is a game which you can’t help to play whether its with your newborn or toddler! Whether you get a smile or giggle it’s an infectious game that just keeps going, and when your little one gets old enough it turns to hide and seek! A game which is constantly played in our house, Andy has many times come home to find me and Arlo hiding behind the curtains!

Peekaboo is not only a fun way to play with your baby or toddler it’s hugely beneficial developmentally, below some of its key benefits.

Cognitive Development

A big skill your little one will be developing while playing peekaboo is ‘object permanence’, this is the ability to understand that an object or person is still there even though it/they can’t be seen. This skill also links to improving problem solving skills.

Motor Development

Baby – Encourages reaching.

Toddler – When playing hide and seek your little one will be improving their balance, agility and co-ordination.

Speech Development

Playing peekaboo can encourage speech, saying ‘peekaboo’, ‘where’s mummy’, ‘here I am’. Giving the foundations to the beginnings of a conversation with your little one.

Social & Emotional Development

Some social skills your little one will be using and therefore developing are, turn taking, playing with others, increasing their confidence and playing with others.

This game also helps babies experience emotions such as surprise and anticipation. As well as excitement and happiness when you suddenly appear from under your fingers!

Does your little one love to play peekaboo? Why not add something different to your game, our beautiful Alice Hand puppet would make a great addition.

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