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Arlo’s weekly pick - Wooden Matching Game - Animal Counting

Arlo’s weekly pick - Wooden Matching Game - Animal Counting

Published by Emma on 30th Apr 2019

Why Arlo Loves it:

Arlo is really enjoying puzzles at the moment so this game is one of Arlo’s favourites. Each numbered card comes in two parts allowing Arlo to put it together either looking at the numbers or colours. Then there are the wooden coloured shapes which slot into the card matching the colour and number. There are many different elements throughout this game showing colours and numbers that it is easy to repeat them for Arlo so he can listen and try to match them. Remember repetition is your friend when teaching little ones.

Why Mummy and Daddy Love it:

Learning colours and numbers can be difficult for little ones. This is why I just love this matching game, it’s a fun way to really focus on these areas and because it’s has the puzzle elements it really kept Arlo engaged and focused. It’s a game we regularly get out and play with. The pieces are chunky and sturdy enough to last a long time and wonderfully bright and playful. For a more structured learning play this game is great, in fact Arlo enjoys getting it out of the box and playing with it by himself.

About Wooden Matching Game - Animal Counting:

This is a fantastic introduction to numbers and quantities for young children.

Your little one will match the wooden tiles to the correct animal learning and counting as they do it. This will help learn and distinguish numbers 1-5. The bottom part of the board is fitted like a puzzle and lets your little one see the number and quantity via dots.

Age 18+ Months.

Get your Wooden Matching Game - Animal Counting here for £23

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