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Arlo’s weekly pick - Threading Game on the Farm

Arlo’s weekly pick - Threading Game on the Farm

Published by Emma on 5th Mar 2019

Why Arlo Loves it:

The chunky wooden pieces are fantastic for playing with, they're a great toy just on their own and Arlo enjoyed making the animals run and bounce. I don't know what your little one is like but Arlo loves bags! He had great fun pulling out all the wooden pieces and looking at them in amazement (even though he had done this three times already!), this was also an opportunity for us to ask what it was, what noise it made and matching it to the image on the mat.  

The threading itself really made Arlo concentrate, (I do love it when he has to think hard), he had such satisfaction when he was able to place the wooden stick through the wooden piece but still hasn't got the hang of pulling it out so that it sits on the string. It's a great goal to work towards, meaning that every time we get it out he'll be improving and learning.

Why Mummy and Daddy Love it:

It's been easy to notice that Arlo's fine motor skills have improved dramatically recently, feels like only yesterday we were congratulating him on picking up a pea. When they can use their fingers so well and it no longer really hinders them when playing what can you do to keep it improving? Threading! This game needs focus, hand-eye co-ordination and of course precision. It's fun game to help Arlo keep developing his fine motor skills, I also love the matching element, helping with image recognition and also speech. 

What I love best is that you can play with it in so many ways, role play with the wooden pieces, threading, matching and turn taking. I couldn't recommend this any more, this will be a go-to toy when we need something more structured to do.

About Threading Game:

Practice fine motor skills and shape recognition with this marvelous threading game. Little ones can choose between matching the pattern on the cards or simply threading their own pattern. If played with 2 players they can take turns pulling the wooden figures out of the bag and threading them into their farm.

Suitable for 18 Months+

Get your Threading Game on the Farm here for £25.

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