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Arlo’s weekly pick - Magnetic Game - On The Road

Arlo’s weekly pick - Magnetic Game - On The Road

Published by Emma on 10th Jun 2019

Why Arlo Loves it:

Arlo took to this toy really quickly. He was rather obsessed with the cars, moving them from one parking bay to the next. It took a fair bit of patience (which is a great skill to work on) because it obviously takes a lot longer to move the cars with the pen rather than your fingers! The red and white gate was a huge hit, he enjoyed trapping the cars in the parking bay and opening and closing it to let them out. Lets face it, it's also rather fun to whiz the cars around the road as fast as possible!

Why Mummy and Daddy Love it:

Toys which require Arlo to use and improve his cognitive skills I just love. With this magnetic game Arlo had to problem solve throughout playing with it. You can see in the images below he really wanted to just use his fingers but very quickly realised he had to use the pen, which as you can imagine is harder than simply using fingers. This also helps him develop his fine motor skills, perfect for giving him the foundations to be able to write. This magnetic game is also wonderful for helping him learn colours and counting the cars. I was rather surprised by how Arlo was taken with this game, it requires a lot of concentration and thinking and I wasn't sure if Arlo would be keen but he just adored it and I loved watching him work hard to get the cars to the exact place he wanted! As Arlo gets better at using the pen there will so much more he can do, for example he didn't even touch the little balls to move the petrol and work the traffic lights.

About the Magnetic Game - On The Road:

This road scene allows little ones to zoom the cars around the roundabout, park in parking spaces and fill up their car at the petrol station. Use the magnetic rod to guide the cars around the town, matching colours and turning the gate to block a road or let cars through. Use the rod to move the balls so they fill the petrol station with fuel or turn the traffic lights different colours so the little boy can cross the road safely. A fun way for your little one to develop their fine motor skills while learning about road safety and colours.

Suitable for ages 2+ Years.

Get your Magnetic Game - On The Road here for £22

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