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Arlo’s weekly pick - Knight Night-Time Shadow Puppets

Arlo’s weekly pick - Knight Night-Time Shadow Puppets

Published by Emma on 13th Mar 2019

Why Arlo Loves it:

If you follow our social media you will know that Arlo is a fan of sticks! So, these Shadow Puppets are rather fun in Arlo’s eyes, and they’re rather sturdy Arlo a few times has tried to pull the horse off its stick and it’s still there, all in one piece! Arlo is instantly mesmerised with them when they come out and even runs to turn off the lights. It’s something a bit different and who doesn’t love playing in the dark with torches? 

Why Mummy and Daddy Love it:

At Arlo’s bedtime we love to read wonderful stories. I’m sure those of you with little ones can appreciate that sometimes you are reading to yourself Arlo quite often just runs around like he can all of sudden run a marathon even though he was falling asleep downstairs... It’s moments like this that telling a story with the shadow puppets is amazing. It instantly calms him down, he moves the shadow across the wall or ceiling and me or daddy make up an imaginative story. He enjoys finding the next character and playing with more than one. It’s also been a fun way to introduce sizes to him, the big knight and the small princess. Arlo’s only 18 months and he loves these, when he gets older and can tell a story himself, I’m sure his love for them will only grow.

About Knight Night-Time Shadow Puppets:

Get your little one's imagination going with these fun night-time shadow puppets. With ten different shadow puppets there's a range of possible stories. Simply aim a torch at the puppet and aim it towards a wall or ceiling!

Suitable for 3 Years+

Get your Shadow Puppets here for £11

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