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Arlo’s weekly pick - Amelie Soft Baby Doll

Arlo’s weekly pick - Amelie Soft Baby Doll

Published by Emma on 2nd Apr 2019

Why Arlo Loves it:

As you can see from the pictures, Arlo just loved playing with Amelie. He was smiling throughout, even when I was making annoying crying noises! Amelie was a great size for Arlo, he happily held, rocked and cuddled her. Arlo especially loved the accessories, he instantly took the bottle and fed her and then placed the blanket on top and enjoyed putting her in and out of the carrier to rock her (or swing her at some height!).

Why Mummy and Daddy Love it:

I was surprised by how Arlo instantly started to care for Amelie. When I made those annoying crying noises I told Arlo that Amelie was sad what does she want? And he gave her the bottle, without this toy I wouldn’t know that he would know to do this and how far his social and emotional development had progressed! This shows what a fantastic opportunity Amelie gives your little one to help develop their social and emotional skills for example, empathy, compassion and how to care for themselves and others.

About Amelie Soft Baby Doll:

Amelie is an adorable baby doll toy. Your little one can look after Amelie by feeding her, undressing her and changing her nappy, don't forget to play with her toy. When Amelie has finished put her back in her carry cot with her blanket for nap time. A gorgeous gift for any little one who enjoys taking care of babies and role playing.

Suitable from birth. Recommended age of play 9+ Months.

Get your Amelie Soft Baby Doll here for £34

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