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Arlo’s monthly pick - Spinning Gears and Cogs Game - Animals at Work

Arlo’s monthly pick - Spinning Gears and Cogs Game - Animals at Work

Published by Emma on 21st Aug 2019

Why Arlo Loves it:

Arlo just loves putting things together and making things work, so a mechanical game such as this he really enjoyed. He spent a long time matching the cogs to the correct shapes and colours and spinning them so they all moved. After doing all the sheets (4 in total) I was surprised at how his attention was still fixated on the game. He then wanted to put the cogs on the board without the sheets, this was a lot harder to make the cogs move and he hasn't grasped how close they need to be to move, he was either putting them too close or too far away. This is a great sign that there is room for improvement which means many more play opportunities. Another fun part was making the cogs spin on top of the board, we actually had a game of whose cog spins the fastest (obviously mummy won, not that I'm competitive!)

Why Mummy and Daddy Love it:

This was a great game to get Arlo thinking. Working on his cognitive development he's boosting skills such as problem solving and learning colours and sizes. I took this game as a fantastic opportunity to enhance his knowledge on sizes and colours, getting him to match the correct cog to the picture and then asking for him to put the big cog on the board first. Placing and spinning the cogs also worked on Arlo's fine motor skills. Overall it was an easy game to help Arlo work on key areas while still being fun and engaging for Arlo.     

About Spinning Gears and Cogs Game:

Let your little one figure out what happens when turning the clogs, giving them an insight into the basic principles of mechanics. Curious Cogs helps teach colours and shapes while developing fine motor skills and logical thinking.

When turning the cogs the picture tells a story, Frog drives into a construction site and Mouse goes to work in the candy factory.

Includes: 1 wooden board, 2 templates (printed on both sides), 8 cogwheels.

Suitable for ages 2+ Years.

Get your Spinning Gears and Cogs Game - Animals at Work here for £22

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