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Arlo's Monthly Pick - My Very First Games - My First Orchard

Arlo's Monthly Pick - My Very First Games - My First Orchard

Published by Emma on 11th Nov 2019

Why Arlo Loves it:

Arlo loves a toy/game that includes everyone, playing with mummy and daddy is something that Arlo beams about and this game is great way to include all the family. Arlo enjoyed rolling the chunky dice and then matching the colour to the correct piece of fruit and of course laughing a lot when daddy matched the wrong colour! Arlo's favourite part of the game is definitely the wooden crow, he actually wants him to get to the orchard and eat all the fruit! (Obviously not quite understanding winning and loosing yet!). There are obvious skills for Arlo to improve upon and that makes this game such value for money, its all practice and patience.

Why Mummy and Daddy Love it:

Where do I start? This game teaches so much to a toddler; turn taking, understanding rules, colour and symbol matching, winning and loosing and concentration. Learning these skills in a more structured form is important and can set the foundations to learning at pre-school or school. Not only does this game help in all these skill areas but it's also visually interesting and fun another bonus is that the pieces are chunky wood which is great for little hands. The fruit pieces actually make Arlo want to role play so after a game we normally end with playing tea time with the naughty crow who eats all our fruit and of course Arlo then likes to be the naughty one eating all mummy and daddy's lunch too! 

About My First Orchard:

This colour matching game is a great introduction to board games for a toddler, learning turn-taking, losing/winning and colour recognition.

In this co-operative game you must collect the fruit from the orchard and place them in the basket before the crow can eat them! Each player takes it in turns to roll the dice, either picking a piece of fruit matching the colour on the dice and placing it in the basket or moving the crow one step closer to the orchard. Can you collect all the fruit before the crow eats them all?

Suitable for ages 2+ Years.

Get your My First Orchard Game here for £27

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