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Arlo's Monthly Pick - Bluebird Car Parking Garage

Arlo's Monthly Pick - Bluebird Car Parking Garage

Published by Emma on 23rd Sep 2019

Why Arlo Loves it:

As soon as Arlo saw the garage he fell in love with it, he beamed with excitement. Arlo has only just turned two and this toy is recommended for ages 3+ so there are certain elements of it that he struggles a bit with. Such as the road markings and turning the knob on the lift to make it go up and down - Arlo finds it a bit stiff, but is quickly becoming more capable to move it to and from the first floor. For Arlo he is loving the car wash and it has become a peekaboo spot for the cars to hide in! He is also really enjoying the petrol filling station, removing the nozzles and pretending to fill the car is lovely to watch and because this part isn't attached to the garage it means that Arlo picks it up and can sit with it in his lap and play with it more intently. 

Why Mummy and Daddy Love it:

There are many car garages on the market, because they are such loved toys. So what makes this different? Well, it looks absolutely gorgeous, it's a toy that we don't mind having in the living room and looking at. As soon as we opened the box it oozed quality and is really inviting for play time - especially for Arlo but even us - Andy played with it for absolutely ages with Arlo! What we really love about it, other than the quality and appearance, is the range of play options for Arlo. There's the parking, ramps, lift, service area to fix the cars, car wash, helicopter pad and the petrol filling up station, with all these details it gives such a range of imaginative play for Arlo. 

About Bluebird Car Garage:

This magnificent Bluebird Garage and service station with its unique clear acrylic central panel has lots of play from all sides. It has 2 ramps, a manual and moving lift for the 3 included wooden cars, a car wash area with rotating columns and a lever to grant access plus a helicopter pad with an included helicopter, 2 small petrol pumps, and loads of marked parking bays to park your cars. Self assembly required (it took andy just under 2 hours to build).

Tender Leaf toys are made from sustainable rubberwood and for every tree that becomes a toy, another is replanted. Tender Leaf also use non-toxic paints.

Suitable for ages 3+ Years.

Get your Bluebird Car Parking Garage here for £95

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